The Mediation Process

Thrasher Mediation utilizes an approach to mediation where the Participants meet in the same room for all or the majority of the mediation process.  The process is flexible, though, to allow for separate meetings between the Mediator and each of the Participants. Further, depending upon specific circumstances, the Mediator may choose to keep the Participants separate for the entire process.

Before the first mediation, Participants must sign a contract and submit an information form.  They also each meet separately and briefly with the Mediator.  Mediations may require more than one session and initial mediation sessions last a minimum of two (2) hours.  Thrasher Mediation charges an hourly rate of $200.00 per hour.  Details regarding fees and minimum times are outlined in the contract.  It is expected that each participant pay an equal part.

Participants are not required to have attorneys.  If a Participant has an attorney, the attorney is not required to attend the mediation. Attorney participation or presence is determined based upon specific circumstances of each mediation and the preferences of the Mediator, Participants, and their attorneys.

If the Participants resolve one or all of their disputes during mediation, they will receive their  agreements in writing either during the mediation or shortly thereafter.  If the Participants have attorneys, the attorneys may request that the Participants sign their agreements during the mediation.  

Mediation will take place in a neutral location determined by the Mediator or agreed upon by the Participants. Ann Thrasher is willing to travel, and is able to mediate during the daytime, and some evenings and weekends.

For more information about the mediation process, please complete the form located at the Contact Us page, email, or call

Ann Thrasher at 317-732-8585.  We look forward to working with you.