Ms. Thrasher's expertise in multi-party conflicts and law  combined with her experience in helping people create long-term resolutions of their disputes when joined with her unique ability to help people feel comfortable in less than ideal situations lead her to believe that her mediation practice and style is suitable for people who have a greater interest in a reaching a satisfactory resolution than fighting to win a dispute.

Ms. Thrasher's professional mediation and alternative dispute resolution services include divorce, custody, parenting time, eldercare, and civil mediations.  Her services are affordable, efficient, effective, respectful, and impartial.  Ms. Thrasher understands that every mediation is unique and believes that all participants deserve a fair process.

Ms. Thrasher's perspective of mediation comes from a combination of her education and work as an attorney, the completion of nearly 1,000 mediations, and her personal experiences as a divorced parent.

Ms. Thrasher provides services to self-represented participants and those who have retained attorneys, in the following areas:

For more information about the mediation services that I provide, please complete the form located at the Contact Us page, send an email to me at ann@thrashermediation.com, or call me at 317-732-8585.  I look forward to working with you to develop creative solutions to your disputes.