As a mediator, I provide compassionate and neutral involvement to participants who choose to adjust or settle their disputes through mediation. In mediation, participants control their agreements and create their resolutions with the help of a neutral mediator like me, who guides the discussions.  

I am dedicated to providing a comfortable, safe environment to participants facing challenging decisions and collaborations. I feel strongly that most disputes can be mediated. I also require participants to consider the best interests of everyone affected by any agreement, especially children when they are involved, which can facilitate a long-lasting agreement.

I welcome every type of domestic relations dispute, including:  
  • pre-filed divorce
  • divorce
  • parenting time
  • child support
  • paternity
  • domestic partnerships
  • same-sex relationships
  • elder care
  • neighborhood disputes.
For more information about the mediation services that I provide, please complete the form located at the Contact Us page, send an email to me at ann@thrashermediation.com, or call me at 317-732-8585.  I look forward to working with you to develop creative solutions to your disputes.